What are Flat 29?


Flat 29 are Dan, Rich and Charlie. They make beautiful and silly music together, as well as hosting comedy podcast, "Flat 29's Big Book of Everything".


They met in around 2004 at a poncy perfoming arts school, doing degrees in Sound Technology and Music Management. They did once live together in a "Flat 29", but this has since been burned to the ground (not by them), so the name now describes them as a collective entity, rather than any kind of physical building.

Through a shared love of music and comedy they formed a band, and over their years living together put out three full studio albums, available to download here.

After leaving their shared flat there was a brief hiatus, until November 2009, when they started to create and release their fortnightly comedy podcast. More information about the podcast can be found here.

Said About Flat 29

"How can you not love [Flat 29]? I think that's just so charming, and as well they're quite cute"- Lauren Laverne

"Very technically acomplished and extremely funny" - Mitch Benn

"Sounds as if The Streets have collaborated with Avalanches, having listened to Flight of the Conchords" - BBC Radio Oxford

"Hysterically funny" Alan Fletcher aka Dr Karl Kennedy

"I have to say [Flat 29 are] my personal favourite" - Richard Madeley