Chapter 67 - Three

In this chapter we call Axel F, Dan messes with Rich’s Amazon suggestion algorithms and Charlie hugs the front row of an Ed Sheeran concert.

Chapter 66 - Restaurants

Bienvenue au restaurant. Bon appétit! In this episode, Charlie administers a post-meal stomach and buttock massage, Dan dresses as a Lasagne Merman, and Rich asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind - how’s that powered? En Garde!

Chapter 65 - Supermarkets

In this episode, Charlie alphabetises the supermarket aisles, Rich tries to turn the shopping experience in to Crystal Maze situation and Dan promises to explain how to get free coffee from Waitrose. The stakes are high, who will win the opportunity to bring back Supermarket Sweep to our screens!?

Chapter 64 - January

Happy New Year! Flat 29 are back for an exciting new year of podcasting fun in 2019! In this episode Rich submerges himself in rice, Charlie launches a colour enthusiasm hotline and Dan starts a new festival to improve couples relationships which is essentially a queue with a samba band.

Chapter 63 - Hot

Feeling hot hot hot! In this scorcher of an episode, we send Mr Klumpz up in to space to turn down the sun, strip down to our skeletons to keep cool and drink shed loads of Lilt to get our music to the top of the charts!

Chapter 62 - Breakfast

Flat 29 are back with a new podcast for 2018. In this episode, Dan eats croissants in charge of heavy machinery, Rich reveals his ideas about ‘The Cake Diet’, and Charlie invents the next breakfast sensation in the form of ‘Baguettefast’ (the meal), not to be confused with ‘Baguettemas’ (the new national holiday).


Chapter 61 - The Beach

In this episode Charlie shares his coping strategies for stony beaches, Rich gets taunted by his sea shoes and Dan gets creative with his flip flops! Any one fancy a game of ‘Besty Deaths’? ….Thought not ;)

beach bath.jpg

Chapter 60 - House

In this house-related episode (not the music genre or TV show!) Charlie moves next to a Super Club, we start a new band called 'Ambient Simon' and Dan gets judged on his arc rather than his individual performance causing him much anger and distress.

Chapter 59 - Advertising

BUY, BUY, BYE! In this chapter we explore the origin of the Werther Original, discover the pinnacle of western music and get a little giddy talking about lenticular photographs. Well, Dan does, everyone else is fine. Perplexed even.

Christmas Special 2016

In this packed Christmas special we attempt two full quizzes, a new song, a play from the archive, plus festive chat about bowel movements! Happy Christmas Everyone!

Chapter 58 - Insects

This week we’re talking insects; bugs and shit! Charlie drinks a few cans of Stella with a wasp, Rich workshops a bad pun; AntyPasty (Antipasti) and Dan acts as chaperone to a ladybird visiting the STD Clinic.

Chapter 56 - Stationery(-ary)

In this "beige mulch" of an episode we talk a shitload about pens and push the boundaries of the rules by issuing minus points, pity points and humility points. On the bright side we have done a song to make up for it!  Sorry it's been a while guys.

Chapter 54 - Pirates

In this swashbuckling adventure we try to revolutionise the classic game Pop-up Pirate, Dan legitimately downloads Dirty Dancing, and we argue about the Superman theme tune. Plus plenty of references to Game of thrones much to Rich's annoyance!


Since the recording of this podcast last week Charlie has issued an official retraction regarding his comments on the Superman theme tune. 

Chapter 55 - Television

Flat 29 are back with their first podcast in 2016 (we know, it took a while!) In this episode we discuss jousting cats, whatever happened to firewire and plot the demise of Ant & Dec. Plus we talk over the jingles! Say waaaa? SO unprofessional.

Christmas Special 2015

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! In this special festive chapter we come up with a formula for how much is too much when it comes to Christmas decorations, Dan improves upon one of the existing Christmas hits and we lace the crackers with cocaine and a mulling kit, which you could use on everything up to, and including, your own piss. We have also written some new Christmas songs for you to enjoy!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016 xxx

Chapter 53 - Dictionary

DICTIONARY! DDDD... DICTIONARY! In this special episode of the podcast Dan, Charlie and Rich take a look at the "other" big book of everything; the English Dictionary. Just 3 guys, 3 dictionaries and 1 microphone, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out quite a lot! 

Chapter 52 - Card

In this chapter Charlie makes a card replica of his uncles face, Rich designs a crude business card for Dan, and as for Dan; "He's doing alright!" If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in this podcast please email us on

Chapter 51 - Pets

In this chapter Rich is ridiculed for doing some Google research, we break the news of the deaths of "Cheekychops" and "Cheekychops 2" to five-year-old Dan, and we stitch an elephants trunk to a pigs back to give birth to "Detective Pigaphant". Also Charlie writes a new song in the long awaited return of Flat Twenty Rhymes!

Chapter 50 - Numbers

Flat 29 are back after a year of silence. In this chapter we listen to Marvin Gaye’s new song; “Brushing Past A Woman-Child”, order the new Dominos ‘Infinity Meats’ Pizza and LIKE Pythagorus' Facebook Page! And for good measure we put nipples on three, eight and pretty much any other number we feel like.

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