Chapter 48 - Easter

Almost a year after our last chapter WE ARE BACK to talk about EASTER just A FEW WEEKS after the Easter festivities have COMPLETELY FINISHED. Re-live the chocolate-based magic with Chapter 48, fired directly into your mouth at high velocity from a satellite orbiting the Earth. Delicious!

Chapter 47.5 - Sound

In this mini-chapter we get a free thing, and Ringo solves a crime.. who saw that coming? Not Paul.

Chapter 47 - Red

In this chapter we investigate a murder mystery involving all of Rich's family, fondly recount our best ever wounds, and question the continuity of cereal box characters.

Chapter 46 - America

Recorded before an audience of real life Americans, this chapter includes talk of Clone Cleanliness, the Queen's open-door psychiatry policy, and the triumphant yet physically demanding return of On The Wonk!

Chapter 45 - Money

In this chapter we reminisce about free space pens, devise a complicated wishing-well-based online payment system involving dragons and CEOs wallowing in pennies, and spend quite a long time refining an equation for calculating the appropriate value of cash gifts. ITS A LAUGH RIOT!

Chapter 44 - Water

In this chapter Rich misunderstands the geography of the ocean, we keep tidal waves at bay with a wall of crusty bloomers, and Clive the Starfish collects antiques in space.. available now for sega megadrive

Live for Pride 48 2012

In this, our third annual live podcast for the Pride 48 weekend, we take the seven deadly sins to task, bravely calling out The Bible just a couple of thousand years after it's release date. So sue us, Moses! Have a listen first though, it's basically some idiots misunderstanding the concept of sin, so it might be fine.

Chapter 43 - Weddings

Flat 29 member Rich has gone and done a wedding! In this chapter of our Big Book of Everything we reflect on the big day, the highs and lows, the naked breakdancing and the uncontrollable bleeding. We enjoy some interviews with key wedding personnel, and marvel as Rich becomes totally leathered before our ears. After all that, we kick back and talk about The Matrix, pros and cons of marrying your cousin, and wether the RnB skankmaster remix of Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre is appropriate for a first dance. Happy wedding Rich! 

Chapter 42 - Travel

In this chapter we exclusively reveal the shady, secret life of holiday reps, the shameful, secret bin/zumba antics of Dan, and the terrifying secret of The Castle of Rabid Monkeys (brown sign attraction)

Chapter 41 - Food

For this mega-chapter of Flat 29's Big Book of Everything we are joined by Sara Davis of podcast How Much Do We Love, and Emily Davis (no relation) who you will have heard in various guises in loads of previous Flat 29 podcast chapters. With these excellent dudes, we talk about phones in potatoes, calling your eggs and eating pizzas around your neck.

Chapter 40 - Technology

In the first Chapter of Volume 3 of our Big Book of Everything, we identify the Novelty Homer Simpson Bottle Opener as the best item to have in the event of a nuclear holocaust, Rich throws sticky orange drinks all over the queen, and we invent an app for remotely neglecting a dog while staring in to its sad, sad eyes.

Preface to Volume Three

A brief introduction to Flat 29's Big Book of Everything Volume Three

Chapter 39 - Not Albums

This may not be Flat 29's Big Book of Everything Chapter 39 - Albums, but it does contain instructions on how to get it! Simply go to, click on Music, and buy our new album SECRET HANDSHAKE for music, extras, and the elusive podcast chapter 39!

Dan's Xmas Mixtape 2011

Another bonus podcast to keep you going until the start of Big Book of Everything Volume Three! Dan's Xmas Mixtape 2011 features Dan of Flat 29 with his brother Tristan talking about melting down plastic toys into a swimming pool, knitting a liquorice jumper, and a bit about Christmas music too. Also features a false confirmation of when the new podcast series will start, and a brand new Flat 29 Christmas Song!

Live For Pride 48 In Las Vegas

In this LIVE chapter on Las Vegas, Digital Dan and Robot Rich talk us through the etiquette of giving your own eulogy at an inpromptu Las Vegas funeral, and explain why George Clooney looks like the sort of man who would operate a fairground attraction. Meanwhile Charlie pops in to marry his father. All in gloriously variable audio quality.

Chapter 38 - Children

In this, the final chapter of Volume Two of our Big Book of Everything, we selflessly become superstar DJs to serve our country, Rich reprises his role as Santa in his school play, and we replace the toys in Kinder Surprises with a line of bleak poetry to teach children about the futility of life.

Chapter 37 - Work

In this chapter, we take an open top bus load of tourists through a labyrinth to slay a minotaur and help us bond as a team, Rich writes a self help book mostly fully of Sudokus, and we build up a Christmas army to help us storm Santa's castle, deck the elves, and save Christmas. Or destroy it. We can't remember which. Also features a game of On The Wonk with Jason from the Milk Bar Podcast and Dan's brother Tristan.

Chapter 36 - Sexy

In the sexiest of chapters, charlie leads an angry mob, rich changes fashion to make the crotch more accessible, and we discuss the eternal question whats better - flexi time or sexy time. We also play a game of work-in-progress quiz On The Wonk with Colin and Matt from Amazing Radio's The Saturday Show.

Chapter 35 - Crime

In this chapter we convince Martin Bashir to take up a new career as a cashier, introduce a complicated pay and display system whereby you share your science project in lieu of money, and launch a range of savory scondiments, perfect accompaniments to your favourite savoury scones. Also includes the semi-successful pilot of new wonk-based quiz, On The Wonk. So have a listen! Or, as a nice lady once shouted at Rich... what's the matter, don't you like fun?

Chapter 34 - Literature

In this chapter Rich shares an intermittently sexy cockney story, a Stephen Fry lookalike mouths audiobooks at us as we drift off to sleep, and guest host Tristan presents his new angle-based chat show, On The Wonk.